Hen House

Hen House 3.2

In the far away land there is the Paradise Hen House

In a far small town there is a paradise hen house, in this house each hen is from different color and they put eggs of their same colors. A snake cobra penetrate the hen house and wants to eat the eggs, you can help with a magic gun that turns eggs into chickens. You must put on line 3 or more eggs to turn them to chickens and keep them safe from the cobra. This game is very simple to play, the main menu allows you to start game, check and set options, see help, high scores and exit game. Option settings allows you to display full screen, music, sound and to choose your country. All you need in order to navigate and play is your mouse, move your mouse to point directly to your objective and click the left button to shoot, your gun will show you the color of egg that you will shoot so be careful to do it in the correct position.
You will find different kind of eggs that will increase your bonus and help your during the game. Bonus can be extra points, eggs moving back, stop eggs and faster shooting.

Birgilio Rivera
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